Chill Out & Get Resilient Cheatsheet

Here are all of the strategies I use to keep calm and carry on. I’ve got some advice on controlling anxiety through breathing, decompression routines, a reading list, a watching list, and some apps to check out. On the app list, I personally use only the Waking Up and Box Breathing apps, but some people like the other apps I’ve listed. If you want a free month of the Waking Up app, email me at


Example Chillout Rituals

A morning ritual:


In the evening:

How to Breathe For Relaxation

Your goal is a 1:2 ratio of inhalation to exhalation time, keeping your chest relaxed. If belly breathing is unfamiliar, see “Learn How to Breathe From Your Belly” below. Shake hands with your diaphragm.

Adopt the Concept of Inner Game

From Breathing for Warriors by Belisa Vranich and Brian Sabin:

Inner game… is being self-confident, effortlessly focusing on the task at hand without dwelling on what happened before or what will happen later. It’s not allowing past injuries to create limiting assumptions; it’s disallowing self-defeating chatter in your head; it’s refusing to be plagued by self-doubts when the going gets rough. Your inner game is something you should be working on continually.

If you don’t already have an inner game, the resources below will help you build one.


Videos Books

(read or listen)

Learn How to Breathe From Your Belly Stillness is the Key Waking Up me for a free month

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