Standard Schedule ...Love in the Time of Coronavirus Edition

Here's a formalization of my routines. If you're trying to figure out how to structure your day, maybe this'll give you ideas of what to do and what not to do. You probably don't want to do what I do. I'm not offended. No, seriously, I'm not. On weekdays, I don't watch streaming things unless they help me solve a work-related problem. Generally speaking, if I feel like I need passive entertainment, I did something wrong with my energy management. For money, I write code. For a hobby, I write a novel and it's what I do for work on Fridays. I take my marriage, family and friends seriously. So, that's all on the schedule. If it's important, it should be on the schedule.

Monday - Friday

06:00 Probiotics, astaxanthin, very good multi-vitamin, Meditation, Eugen Sandow 5lb dumbbell workout, Wim Hof Breathing
07:15Plan work day
08:00Start work cycles
09:00... Snack
11:00... Lunch
16:30... Debrief, weight training and mobility training, make dinner
18:00Spend time with Mom
19:00Walk with spouse
20:00Turmeric + ginger tea, connect with spouse
21:15Go to bed

*The Food That Gets Prepped.


Minimal structure.

05:30Probiotics, astaxanthin, very good multi-vitamin
06:00Follow my curiosity, email friends
10:00Spend time with spouse
21:30Go to Sleep


Minimal structure.

06:00 Probiotics, astaxanthin, very good multi-vitamin
07:00Meditate, exercise, breath work
...Follow my curiosity: fitness, nutrition, productivity
21:30Go to Sleep

Constraints on the Schedule in Order of Importance

  1. Do what's best for my marriage.
  2. Take care of my mother.
  3. Engage in very high quality work.
  4. Recover mentally and physically.
  5. Make time for friends.
  6. Make time for art and curiosity.