This Is My Virtual Bookshelf, Just The Spines

You should be here to look at something related to a book. Do you like B00kz? Go away if you don’t and don’t ever talk to me I won’t listen. There should be a list of books below these hostile words. See below. Scroll down. Have fun. Or don’t. I’m not your life coach.

SCREAMING DISCLAIMER: This is not a list of books that I think everyone should read. I don’t know your life. Maybe you should read stuff I don’t know anything about. That’s not my problem. If a book is on this list, it means I think it’s good for something. If it’s not on the list, I either forgot, haven’t read it, or it didn’t MOVE me. Nothing personal. (Or, maybe everything personal…)

How to Think Clearly

How to Live and What to Live For

Behavioral Self-Modification

On Climate

On Fitness and Nutrition

Be a Better Writer

Biography & Autobiography


History and Philosophy of Science

History of Cities

History and War

History of the Occult